Windows 8 Apps making a big impression

We have recently been working with a school in the Midlands, UK who wanted to harness the power and security of using SharePoint Online announcements but also allow pupils, staff and parents to read those important notices right from their Windows 8 device in a quick interface.

Not all users wanted to log on and go to the SharePoint site just to pick up the latest fixture news or other school announcements. The school had recently started to move their pupils and staff to Windows 8 devices instead of iPads and they wanted a quick way to read announcements as soon as the device was online.

The answer to their problem came in the form of a volume licenced version of the latest developments from the team at SharePointEduTech Ltd, which was already starting to build a healthy market on the marketplace.

In March 2013 we introduced the first of our Windows 8 Apps for office 365, List Hub for Office 365, on to the global market place.  Interest in the app has been huge, particularly in the United States and Australia.  We were able to harness the power of this small app and licence it for the whole school so that they could benefit from this great app.

The app allows users to manage a SharePoint Announcements list from the Windows 8 desktop, adding new announcements and displaying them in the great new Windows 8 tile interface. Lke all great Windows 8 Apps, List hub for Office 365 makes great use of the touch features making it ideal for a tablet environment.

One customer in the US has been using the List Hub for Office 365 to display news items and inter office announcements to its team of attorneys spread around the East Coast.

“This is a great way for the firm to keep our staff informed of the latest events.  The interface is so easy to use and it’s no hassle to post an announcement to the site in super quick time.”

List Hub for Office 365 is currently under further development as I write this post so keep an eye out for new features in future releases.  We hope to soon see the product featured in the worldwide demonstration for Windows 8 in Education provided by our Microsoft friends in Redmond.


STOP PRESS NEWS…the latest version of list hub, due for publication next week, will allow for direct access to custom SharePoint lists. Now List Hub for Office 365 really is the must have app this month.


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